A Message from the Creator and Teacher of AetherX Academy, Brad Johnson on the 2nd Class Enrollment - Now Available!

A Classroom for the SEEKER

True inner teachings built on experience and personal success from facilitator, Brad Johnson!

6 Modules

Structured to complete 1 module per month for 6 months to sharpen and strengthen your inner spiritual foundation as a student. However, you can move at your own pace through the curriculum!

Live Classes

2 to 3 hour classrooms weekly with Brad's trained courses + Monthly class with Brad & recordings available for those who can't attend so you don't miss a single detail!

Coach Support

Receive instructional review with our trained coaches through their live weekly classes and support on Telegram!

Let's Explore Your Infinite Potential!


I'm Brad Johnson, and I'll be your facilitator alongside my trained coaches to help you reach new heights through your spiritual journey. Prepare for an experience unlike any other as you discover practices and teachings that will unify you in body, mind, and soul!


About Brad...

How the AetherX Academy Course Works...

One module per month consisting of 4 weekly classes recorded live on ZOOM. Brad Johnson hosts one monthly 4 hour class teaching the curriculum by video, and also provides a Q&A for the students at the end of each class. Every week, Brad's trained coaches host classes on ZOOM based on the curriculum provided for each module.

Our Telegram Group offers students coaching with our trained online coaches. Through the Telegram Group, you can ask questions regarding the lessons, and also attend free Coaching classes hosted by our coaches posted on Telegram. 

Each Module consists of 4 recorded ZOOM classes (with occasional bonus lessons pre-recorded by Brad Johnson himself) ending with a multiple-choice quiz after the final recorded module. Students who pass the end-of-module quiz move onto the next module within the curriculum series. There are a total of 6 modules in all over a span of 6 months.

The AetherX Academy Course is paid monthly at rate of $77 USD per student.

After you have successfully completed all six modules and remain with the AetherX Academy for 6 months, all student training material will remain available to you at no cost as a lifetime member of the Academy.

Student Membership

$77/m USD

6 modules/6 months

  • Access to Course Materials
  • Weekly live ZOOM classes with Brad's trained teachers and coaches.
  • Monthly live ZOOM class w/ Brad Johnson every Saturday at 9am Pacific
  • Access to Telegram Group and Free Coach Tutoring & Classes
  • Access to ZOOM Class Video Recordings
  • Unlimited access to¬†all six module class¬†content after 6 month completion through membership.

Student Membership Includes a Variety of Perks!


As a student, you will have unlimited access to all course materials, weekly ZOOM video recordings with teachers and coaches trained by Brad Johnson. And you will have monthly interactions with Brad Johnson as he reviews module teachings and practices with you. You'll have access to our Telegram support group where Brad and his teachers and coaches will be available to take questions and help you one to one with the course material. After the 6 modules (6 months) are completed, students can continue to access the course material with no additional monthly payments needed.